SUNDAY 24th May 2020


The deacons are meeting via zoom and are continually monitoring the situation and trying to support people the best way they can, we will try to help, but please let us know of your needs.

Sunflower Seeds

Oh dear the unexpected frost did some damage to our sunflowers. If yours is dead please ask for a replacement, we have some spares. Are there any more photographs? If so please send them to me. Thank you.

The Foodbank Thank you for your continued support and generous donations, the foodbank are very appreciative. There are still many people in desperate need. The community larder is offering food to anyone who is finding this whole experience very challenging, open on a Thursday afternoon in Thame. Thank you for your generosity.


Thank you to everybody who is still supporting the church financially whether that be via bank transfer or money through the door. It is much appreciated.

Offerings per week so far in 2020 are £491,   and the gift Aid reclaim is £6,235.

Mission total to the end of April was £495. This is behind our usual progress at this time of the year, but of course many of our fundraising activities have had to be cancelled or postponed for now.

Please donate if you are able

The Shardlow and Race families are aiming to run a total of 275 miles during May, raising awareness and money for the charity Mind. A crucial charity particularly in this time of high anxiety for many. If you’re able support us our Just Giving page can be found by searching ‘Shardlow Race(rs)’ on the Just Giving home page or by following this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/shardlowracers. Thank you.

Thoughts and prayers

Please prayer for Helen House and her family at this time. There has been some improvement in the situation, but it is still a worrying time. We have people in the congregation whose family are working in the NHS, they need our prayers so they can keep safe and continue to help others.

We have been asked to pray for Janet Piers who is seriously ill and all the family, as they support her at this time.

We have also heard about Vi Giles who is currently unwell, Chris Brown who is Margaret Boyce’s brother in Law and David Pearce whose best friend has died suddenly. If you know of anyone who needs our prayers, please let us know. Thank you

Do you need anything?  Please contact any of the deacons if you need help with shopping, walking the dog, collection of medicine or any other problems we can help you with. We have a band of volunteers willing to assist those who are finding life difficult. Give us a ring please

BMS Birthday Scheme The Birthday scheme is temporarily on hold at the moment but will resume after the country returns to some sort of normality. We send greetings this week to Alison Hollowell as she celebrates her 98th  birthday and to Jean Pearce, whose birthday is next week. Do you know of anybody with an impending birthday?


Unfortunately we aren’t able to hold any mission events at the moment, but just like everybody, our missionaries and churches need our support. As you can imagine our funds are low, there has been a plea from the BU finance officer for help if you can. If you feel you would like to help in this way, just pop a donation through the door. We continue to remember Christian Aid at this time as they will have suffered dramatically from the lack of door to door collections. You can donate via the net if you feel able, the link is on the church Facebook page, or support Mary Miller on her fundraising page. Thank you

Weekly services

Paul is kindly producing a service on the back of the newsheet and Krish has offered to stream live services for us on a Sunday. If you would like to read or say prayers please let us know and he will contact you, prior to the Sunday. It will then be available as a recording on the church Facebook page so you can listen to it anytime. We have an open invitation to log on using ZOOM to Cornerstone’s weekly service every Sunday at 10.30am. Dagnall Street (Jonny Fillis) have midday prayers and a Sunday morning service on line or as a podcast.

Remember to look at our Facebook page and log onto the website for details of what is happening.


We are getting daily updates, which are featured on the church Facebook page, of the challenges faced by our BMS missionaries and workers at this time, please remember them in your prayers. Thank you.

Good Wishes

Amanda Pink sends her greetings to us all, and also there are greetings from Steve Barber. Hopefully they will in the future be able to come and share worship with us again. Jonny Fillis continues to remember us in his prayers.

Church Meeting

We are hoping to hold a church meeting via ZOOM on Wednesday 3rd June at 7.30pm. Those who have expressed an interest to join should have received an invitation from Luke Race. Please let us know if this hasn’t arrived, it will be a technical error (probably mine)

Haddenham Baptist Church

 Sunday 24th May

Prayer: Almighty and everlasting God, you have given to us your servants grace, by the confession of a true faith, to acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity, and in the power of your divine Majesty to worship the Unity: Keep us steadfast in this faith and worship, and bring us at last to see you in your one and eternal glory, O Father; who with the Son and the Holy Spirit live and reign, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Today is Trinity Sunday and as it name suggests, Trinity Sunday is a time to focus on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the teaching that there is one God in three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

There is but one living and true God, everlasting, without body, parts, or passions; of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness; the Maker, and Preserver of all things both visible and invisible. And in unity of this Godhead there be three Persons, of one substance, power, and eternity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Prayer: Almighty and everlasting God, you have given to us your servants grace, by the confession of a true faith, to acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity, and in the power of your divine Majesty to worship the Unity:

O Lord, we entreat you mercifully to hear us, and grant that we, to whom you have given the desire to pray, may by your mighty aid be defended and comforted in all our adversities; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

We thank you Father for your gift

of the coming day, now night has passed.

For life and work, our spirits lift.

For strength and service, break our fast.


Inspire us Lord in midday prayer.

In hectic lives, please slow our pace.

Revive, refresh and help us share

your love with friends in peace and grace.


Sustaining Spirit, fading light

bring to a close another day.

Guard and protect us through the night,

prepare us for new life we pray.

Please note:  If you have any family news you would like to be included either in The Link or the Magazine please contact Margaret Boyce on (link.mkb@gmail.com or Lesley Cooper on (hbceditor@live.co.uk) respectively