SUNDAY 24th January 2021


News from HBC 24th January 2021

Jonny and the deacons are meeting via zoom and are continually monitoring the situation and trying to support people the best way they can, we will try to help, but please let us know of your needs.


Thank you to everybody who is still supporting the church financially whether that be via bank transfer or money through the door. So far this year, offerings have averaged £471 per week, and the mission total is now £40.

Thoughts and prayers

Please continue to remember all those who are ill, or bereaved, and all those working tirelessly in so many ways to keep us safe. Please remember Beryl Pearce, Phyllis Stevens, Val Benge and Margaret Boyce in your prayers. Please also remember Baby Rory who is still at home, self- isolating until the next round of chemo, what a little fighter! If you know of anyone who needs our prayers, please let us know.

BMS Birthday Scheme

The Birthday scheme is now up and running again. This week Katherine Robson has a birthday, Emma Chowns towards the end of the week and Daphne Brighouse on Friday. If you are celebrating, Happy Birthday, and if you haven’t but would like to join the birthday scheme please have a word with Pam or Jan.


Thank you to everyone who has helped us raise our target for 2020. The mission committee meet next week to discuss 2021. Watch out for some exciting new ventures and of course some of our regular events.

Weekly services

This week our online service at 10.15am via our Facebook page, will be led by Jonny, with Paddy Harris from Cornerstone preaching.


Please remember all our serving BMS missionaries especially our link missionaries, Tom and Mel Spears, who we hope might make a visit to HBC in August.

Church re-opening

Jonny and the deacons have decided that the sensible and right thing to do, is to continue with our online services but not to meet physically for the foreseeable future. Further details will be announced as and when.

Burial Ground

The burial ground could do with a bit of a tidy up. Please let Teresa or Paul know if you can help in any way.  Email Teresa on twizzlewright@icloud.com or telephone 01844 299169


The needs of the Foodbank are still in great demand, in fact in greater demand than they have ever been. They need food items and money, so if you feel you can contribute in some small way to support the Foodbank we will be happy to accept any donations.

Can we help?

Just like the last lockdown there are people willing to help. If you need shopping, or any other task doing please contact us and we will try to help. We are not able to offer transport at the moment but happy to pick things up and leave them on the doorstep. If you want just to chat please ring Jonny 01844 291548 or one of the deacons. You don’t have to face this alone.

ZOOM homegroup

Jonny is starting a new homegroup beginning Monday 1st February  7.30pm – 9pm, every week until Easter, following ‘The prayer Course’. If you would like to join that group, please have a word with Jonny so he can give you the log on details.

Lent devotions

As a joint venture with Cornerstone, we are hoping to get 40 volunteers to write a daily devotion throughout Lent, which can be shared with both our own congregations. If you are willing to do a daily devotion, please get in touch with Marjorie. Thank you.

Prayer Sheet 24thJanuary 2021

Prayer: Help us to be good disciples for your kingdom and give us the grace to disciple others. Lord, reveal to us our weaknesses and give us the strength to grow in these areas so that we can be better examples to those who we disciple. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


 Jonah 3 vs 1 – 5    

Mark 1 v 14 – 20

I suggest that the overriding message of this passage from Mark’s gospel is that anybody can be a disciple. We don’t need any special gifts, no higher level of education, just availability and a willingness to follow where Jesus leads us.

Jesus invited Peter, Andrew, James, and John into a personal relationship with Jesus, by saying “Follow me,” be with me, get to know me, enjoy my friendship, but also, share my mission. “I will make you fish for people” you will teach and preach, heal, and serve, just as I do. What an opportunity, what a responsibility, but also, what a privilege!

It is sometimes difficult for us to hear when Jesus invites us to be his companion, and to share in his work. These main stumbling blocks can be the awareness of our own earthly limitations, and then secondly our perception of how exalted we believe Jesus is as God, even though Jesus walked our earth.

The readiness with which Simon and Andrew, James and John accepted Jesus’ invitation, might indicate they had already seen or heard Jesus previously. They might have been in the synagogue, or seen him by the lakeshore, or heard Jesus when he first preached. They may have already sensed what Jesus was about? Did they already realise that Jesus was going to need followers to help him in his work, because when the call came, they didn’t need a second invitation?

So, what qualifications do we need to be a disciple? As already said, we don’t need any special qualifications because if we did, we would all fall short. In this story Jesus moves along the lakeshore, meeting dozens of fishermen, and then finally picks Simon, Andrew, James, and John, calling them to help him in his global mission. They have no relevant experience and no training for the job. They are ordinary workers, good men. Their CV might state in fact ‘I grew up here. I fish.’  Jesus’ call is simple “Follow me”.

After we accept the invitation, we all follow Jesus in different ways just as people themselves are different, and our ways of working out our faith are different. We are just trying to do what God is asking us to do, to follow Him wherever he leads us and to constantly ask ourselves, ‘How would Jesus act in the situation I’m in right now?’

Jesus began his ministry by calling a group to follow him. He gives those disciples a mission – to catch people for the kingdom of God. He chooses as his companions very ordinary people, people with no wealth or position. What is striking though is they have no certainties, and little knowledge of Jesus yet they risk all for him. Just like then, today, the Lord continues to call ordinary people.

So how might Jesus be speaking to us today, and are we listening to that invitation to follow, leaving the old behind as the fisherman did. Are we willing to do the same to serve God?

Prayer: Dear Lord, may we be a source of peace, a hand to hold, display an accessible generous loving nature within our circle of family and friends, and be a blessing to everyone we meet

May we be a steady rock, a ready shoulder, and to display a dependable trustworthy caring attitude towards our circle of acquaintances and be a blessing to everyone we meet.

And may we be a light that shines a love that flows discernible, accessible healing within the circle of our community, and be a real blessing to everyone we meet. Amen

Blessing: Today and all days let us embrace in a love that knows no end. Today and for all days fill us with a power that overcomes. Today and everyday encourage us with a word that nourishes. Today and all days inspire us with a hope that sustains. Today and for all our days comfort us with a peace that endures. Today and for ever bring us wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. Amen

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