SUNDAY 30th  August 2020


The deacons are meeting via zoom and are continually monitoring the situation and trying to support people the best way they can, we will try to help, but please let us know of your needs.

Link to Hope

We are supporting the Link to Hope shoe box appeal this year.  Each week we will provide a suggestion for your box. If you would rather donate to a box, please drop off any items to Julie Wing, and she will make up Church Boxes with the donations.

The Foodbank

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Foodbank with your generous donations, the foodbank is very appreciative.


Thank you to everybody who is still supporting the church financially whether that be via bank transfer or money through the door.  Offerings this year so far have averaged £482 per week, and the mission total is now £1317. Thank you to everybody who has made a gift  towards the Manse renovation, so far, this totals £7,100.

 Thoughts and prayers

Thank you for all your prayers, some people are now feeling a little better. Please continue to remember Christina Gulbenkian, Carol Francis, Beryl Pearce, Vi Giles, George Willingham, Bob Innes and Brian Dodds in your prayers.  If you know of anyone who needs our prayers, let us know. Thank you.

BMS Birthday Scheme The Birthday scheme is now up and running again. Happy Birthday to Molly Chowns and Michael Whitney who both celebrate their birthdays on Monday 1srt September and to Julie Wing whose birthday is next Monday 7th September. If you are celebrating, Happy Birthday, and if you haven’t but would like to join the birthday scheme please have a word with Pam, or Jan.


The Mission committee would like to remind everyone of our link missionaries Tom and Mel Spears who are ministering in Chad. They, in addition to all our missionaries need our prayers and support. If you feel you would like to help in any way, just pop a donation through the door. Please save those stamps with a ¼” border and pop them through the door or save them until we return to church.

Weekly services

Paul is kindly producing a service on the back of the newsheet and Krish is streaming live services for us on a Sunday. The service is available as a recording on the church Facebook page. We have an open invitation to join Cornerstone’s weekly service via Zoom, Sunday at 10.30am. Dagnall Street have midday prayers and a Sunday morning service on- line or as a podcast. Remember to look at our Facebook page and log on.


Thank you. This year’s BMS Harvest material is coming from Chad.

Good Wishes

Please remember in your prayers this week, our Methodist friends who were down to share worship this week.

Church re-opening

We have appointed a small group of people to investigate the practicalities of re- opening the church, looking at a service in September. We will post further details on this sheet as soon as we have a definite date, and what the service might look like.

Lockdown Calendar

Julie is producing a calendar of ” our lockdown memories” Please send a photo or a painting of something which has inspired you, or made you laugh, during lockdown to Marjorie or Julie, by 31st August please. Thank you.

Jams and marmalades

Jan is asking for 1 Ib jam jars, please save them or drop them off at Jan’s. Katharine Whitney has kindly made some Damson Jam and Marmalade to sell for Mission. If you would like a pot 75p for a small jar and £1.50 for a large jar. Please let us know.

Baptist History Webinars – These are on the CBA Facebook page, please book in if you are interested. The first one is 23rd September

Baptist assembly – This is available on- line, details on the BU website

Revd Jonny Fillis

We welcome the Fillis family to Haddenham, as they move into the village, but they will not officially start their ministry here until early September.

Bucks Ride and Stride

This event, in a different form, is happening on Saturday 12th September. John Hawkins is leading our cyclists, at 9.30am from the church forecourt. If you want to join the group, please have a word with John or Jan. The cyclists visit churches in Bucks, although the churches won’t be open this year and then we, as supporters sponsor the cyclists. The sponsorship money is then split between Bucks Historic churches and our own church. If you can sponsor the cyclists please let Marjorie know or push some money through the door, indicating if you are able and willing to gift aid.

Prayer Sheet 30th August 2020

Prayer: God of love, God of mercy and compassion, weave your dream for the world into the fabric of our lives.

Remove the scales from our eyes and lift the indifference from our hearts, so that we may see your vision.
Re- new our understanding of justice and compassion, and transform our lives, so that we may accomplish your purpose. Anoint us with your spirit of love that we might bring good news to the oppressed, heal the broken hearted, and petition for release of the captive. Give us a new urgency and a new commitment to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and visit those who live in isolation.

Help us to reach out to those whom no one else will touch, to accept the unacceptable, and to embrace the enemy.

Surround us with your love, fill us with your grace, and strengthen us for your service.

Empower us to respond to the call of Jesus and to follow, making us your disciples. Amen


Matthew Chapter 16 vs 21- 28

Psalm 105 vs 1 -6, 23 – 26, 45b

I must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and I must be killed and on the third day be raised to life…”

It seems from this point in the gospel accounts that there is a shift in Jesus’ teaching, as He changes from teaching lots of people in the parables, to focussing on preparing the Disciples for His coming death. There is only about 3 ½ years left with His Disciples, before His crucifixion, yet there is a lot to be done.


Once Jesus began preparing the Disciples for His death, He didn’t stop. He told them He would suffer many things at the hands of the Elders, Chief Priests, and Scribes. He also changed the way he spoke to the Disciples; speech became plainer and more direct.

Jesus believed the disciples were now, strong in faith, and had a greater understanding of the Word of God. He felt they were ready to receive this Truth.

Jesus told them about the place where he would suffer and the persons by whom He would suffer, illustrating that all the preparations had been made, and that God was in total control. In telling them what was about to happen in the future He was giving the Disciples time to reflect on the matter and prepare themselves, for the heartache to come, and the work at hand.

Peter found the information hard to bear and challenged Jesus, but it is through Peter that Jesus outlines what it meant to be a follower of Christ. Peter really forgot his place, and tried leading Jesus, instead of following.

When Christ called the disciples, it was with a command, “Follow me”, and true disciples of Christ follow on the Lord’s path, trusting and obeying. Just like a sheep follows his shepherd, a disciple will follow Jesus, and walk with the Holy Spirit.

As followers of Jesus we must bear the same trials, tribulations, and sufferings, as everyone else, but ultimately these experiences which make our faith stronger and give us renewed commitment to follow Jesus. At times in our lives, possibly through complacency, we choose our own cross, which is not of God.

We must be always mindful of what God has given us, serving Him where He has called us, and not necessarily where we ‘think’ in our human wisdom we should be.

We must look upon Jesus for direction, and encouragement. For God’s Grace alone is sufficient!

As followers of Christ we must study Him, understand Him, and follow his example.

Prayer of Confession & Commitment (based on Matthew 16: 21-28)

Merciful God, You call us to follow; to turn away from our own selfish interests, and to take up our cross and follow after You, even if the path is difficult to see, or is heading in a direction we would never have chosen for ourselves.

Forgive us for being so quick to question and so hesitant to follow. Help us to see with the eyes of faith,

rather than from our own human point of view.

Teach us to follow without fear, knowing that You are always with us, leading the way. Amen.

Blessing: Go now and follow Jesus in the way of the cross. Rejoice in hope, hold fast to what is good, persevere in prayer. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. As far as is possible, live peaceably with all.
And may God hear our cries and deliver us. May Christ Jesus repay us with fullness of life; And may the Holy Spirit be with us always ….nourishing us in love and hope.
We go in peace to love and serve the Lord,……..In the name of Christ. Amen.

Any weekly news you would like to be included either in The Link please contact Margaret Boyce on (link.mkb@gmail.com