SUNDAY 14th February 2021


Jonny and the deacons are meeting via zoom and are continually monitoring the situation and trying to support people the best way they can, we will try to help, but please let us know of your needs.


Thank you to everybody who is still supporting the church financially whether that be via bank transfer or money through the door. So far this year, offerings have averaged £532 per week, and the mission total is now £115.

Thoughts and prayers

Please continue to remember all those who are ill, or bereaved, and all those working tirelessly in so many ways to keep us safe. Please remember Beryl Pearce, Val Benge, Margaret Boyce, and Nigel Jackman. If you know of anyone who needs our prayers, please let us know. Update on baby Rory, he is doing well, and seems to be tolerating the chemo. The tumour hasn’t regrown, and he is starting the next round of chemo this weekend.  In the meantime, he is at home with his parents, trying to roll over, “chatting away”, and maybe getting some teeth. The family are very grateful for your thoughts, prayers and kind wishes it means a lot to them.

BMS Birthday Scheme

The Birthday scheme is now up and running again. If you are celebrating, Happy Birthday, and if you haven’t but would like to join the birthday scheme please have a word with Pam or Jan.

Krish Kandiah

Krish is currently working with the government to ensure the safe arrival and welfare, of any eligible people from Hong Kong, who wish to come to Britain to start a new life. Please remember him in your prayers, and all those people in Hong Kong who are preparing to leave, and for all those left behind. If you want to know more, please log onto https://youtu.be/a0kOwuBZXWM

Weekly services

Our weekly morning service at 10.15am will be a ZOOM meeting, beginning at 10am with coffee. This will also be available via our Facebook page, later in the day on Sunday, and will be led by Ruth Bottoms.


Please remember all our serving BMS missionaries especially our link missionaries, Tom, and Mel Spears, who are serving in Chad, at Guinebor 11 hospital. Hopefully, we will get to meet them in person in the summer.

Church re-opening

Jonny and the deacons have decided that the sensible and right thing to do, is to continue with our online services but not to meet physically for the foreseeable future. Further details will be announced as and when.

Burial Ground

Are you able to help dispose of the rubbish in the burial ground. Have you any spare room in your brown bin and could take some rubbish home. Teresa will leave some black bags by the shed door for you to use. Please let Teresa or Paul know if you can help in any way.  Email Teresa on twizzlewright@icloud.com or telephone 01844 299169


Thank you to everyone who is still supporting the Foodbank, whose needs are still in great demand, in fact greater demand than they have ever been, especially this week as it is half term holiday. They need food items and money, so if you feel you can contribute in some small way to support the Foodbank, we will be happy to accept any donations.

Can we help?

Just like the last lockdown there are people willing to help. If you need shopping, or any other task doing please contact us and we will try to help. We are not able to offer transport at the moment but happy to pick things up and leave them on the doorstep. If you want just to chat please ring Jonny 01844 291548 or one of the deacons. You don’t have to face this alone.

ZOOM homegroup.

The new homegroup is scheduled for Monday 15th February 7.30pm – 9pm.  They are following ‘The prayer course’. If you are interested in joining please have a word with Jonny so he can give you the log on details.

Lent daily devotions

All members of HBC and Cornerstone will receive a daily LENT devotion via e mail, written by various members of the congregation. If you can’t access e mail or would rather have a printed booklet which includes all the devotions, please let Marjorie know by February 19th. Thank you.  There will be no prayer sheet during the time of LENT.

Link to Hope

On behalf of HBC, Julie Wing, has received a thank you poster and letter from link to hope. A total of 20, 768 Family and Elderly shoe boxes were delivered to Eastern Europe, which is fantastic given the difficult circumstances.  Thank you to everyone who contributed, in any way to this year’s appeal.

Tek Ura

Join the virtual trek raising money for Tek Ura, the BMS funded project in Albania. Get your shoes on, pay £10 to register, and run or walk 3Km alongside 950 virtual Tek Ura supporters during 1-7 March Every £10 raised will be directly used to fund the project.

Prayer Sheet 14th February 2021

Transfiguration Sunday

 Prayer: Lord, the darkness of winter has been our companion, but now the days are lengthening, bring your light to us, that we might see your glory. We pray that your light will bring hope and peace to this world. We ask this, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Readings:                                                                   2 Kings 2:1-12

                                                                                         Mark 9:2-9

 Today we remember when our Lord Jesus Christ was transfigured, when his appearance changed, and an incident which marked a turning point in his ministry. This day also marks a turning point, in our church year, as the transfiguration comes at the end of the Epiphany season, just a few days before the beginning of Lent.

Jesus, along with Peter, James and John went up a high mountain. Here the disciples saw Jesus’ appearance change. His clothes became brilliant, radiant, gloriously white, as white “as no one on earth could bleach them”. This was heavenly glory, the light of the divine majesty and purity shining forth.

The disciples saw Moses and Elijah with Jesus, and then heard a voice comes from the cloud: “This is my beloved Son; listen to him”.  Peter, James, and John were now beyond any doubt, that their teacher was none other than the very Son of God:

After his baptism, Jesus began his public ministry by preaching, teaching, and healing, and telling people that the kingdom of heaven was now at hand.

On the First Sunday after Epiphany, our Lord Jesus Christ was baptised, then we followed Jesus as he went on to preach, teach, we saw him perform his signs and wonders, and heal, all showing manifestations of his divine wisdom and authority. We knew who Jesus was, he is the Son of God.

Jesus is now going to Jerusalem, not to take up a kingly throne but to take up a cross. There is the beginning of a shift in emphasis now. Lent begins on Wednesday, a season when the skies will darken, even as the days lengthen. Jesus is on a journey to Jerusalem, there to suffer and to die.

Jesus is going there for us, he is going there to suffer and die, he is going to forgive our sins. Jesus paid the price.

Transfiguration is seen as the bridge between Epiphany and Lent. Initially in the Epiphany season, we see Jesus demonstrating his glory as the Son of God. Transfiguration, then is the climax, of Jesus manifesting his glory and his identity as the Son of God.

Now we know who Jesus is, and that he will be going to the cross for us. “Listen to him,” the Father says, “listen when this Jesus tells you about how he needs to go up to Jerusalem, to be rejected and to be handed over, to suffer and to be killed at the hands of sinful men.

The glory displayed at Jesus’ transfiguration, is the glory that God’s own Son had in the beginning with the Father. Jesus will then return to his Father on the day of his ascension.

We too will share in Christ’s resurrection, we too will be with Christ in heaven, to share in eternal life with him. We believe in Christ. Bottom of Form

Prayer: Luke 9:29 God of Light, Your Son was a perfect example of how to live as Christians here on earth, thank You for His life and purpose. Lord, whilst Your Son was praying, the appearance of His face became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming. I thank You for this account of the manifestation of Your power, because this example of Your power gives us hope as we too hold this power within us. Lord, continue to be with us all. Amen.

Blessing:  May the light of Your glory illuminate our path this day and every day, showing us the truth of Your presence amid the lies of the unjust kingdoms of this world. Turning to the tasks You have prepared for us, and the people You have set us among: Make our feet sure and fleet, the bearers of good news. Amen

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