16th  January 2022

Thoughts and prayers

Please continue to remember all those who are ill, and all those working tirelessly in so many ways to keep us safe. Please remember Rosie Pearce, Alison Green and her family, Doris Innes, Christina Gulbenkian and Carol Murray in your prayers.  We would also like to celebrate with the Whitney family on the safe arrival of Edie Florence last Friday. If you know of anyone who needs our prayers, please let us know.

Thanksgiving service for Tom Bucknell

There will be a thanksgiving service, held at St Mary’s, celebrating the life of Tom Bucknell on Saturday 5th February at 2.30pm, to which everyone is invited. Further details will follow

BMS Birthday Scheme

The Birthday scheme is now up and running again. We hope Josh Fillis enjoyed his birthday. Ray Cooper celebrates his birthday this week, as does Amanda Pink. If you are celebrating, Happy Birthday, and if you haven’t, but would like to join the birthday scheme, please have a word with Katharine Whitney.

Church services

Sunday 16th January there will be a morning service at 10.15am led by Jonny

Sunday 23rd January there is a morning service at 10.15am including Holy Communion led by Jonny

Sunday 23rd January there is an evening service at 6pm led by Revd Tim Edworthy

Sunday 30th January we will be having a joint service at 10.15am with our Methodist friends at the Methodist Church

Sunday 6th February                                BMS Day of Prayer

There will be an all-age service led by Jonny at 10.15am.

Sunday 6th February The evening service at 6 pm will include Holy Communion and is led by Revd Jon Keyworth.


Thank you to everybody who is still supporting the church financially whether that be via bank transfer or money through the door. So far this year, offerings have averaged £615 per week, and the mission total is now £45

Katherine and Lee Robson

As you all know, Katherine and Lee Robson are expecting their second child in about a month. We thought it would be nice to support them, by providing some home cooked meals for that first week of baby’s life. If you would be interested in helping out, please speak to or email me (rebeccafillis84@outlook.com) and she will coordinate the response.


Please remember all the BMS missionaries in your prayers, especially Mel and Tom Spears our link missionaries, you should have received their latest newsletter. If you haven’t and would like one, please let me know. Thank you.

Church Meeting

The church meeting took place on Wednesday 12th January.  It was decided at that meeting to trial a new time for church meetings until next year’s AGM in March, when we will assess the new timing and format.  The scheduled meetings will be part of morning worship, and will be held on:

Sunday morning 10.15am 22nd May

Sunday morning 10.15am July 17th

Sunday morning 10.15am Oct 2nd

Sunday morning 10.15am Nov 20th

Sunday morning 10.15am 15th January                   with HBC AGM on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Everybody is welcome

Vintage Church

We are planning to have another go at starting up Vintage Church!   It will be on Saturday 5th February and we will celebrate Candlemas.  We will need jam jars so if you could bring one that you would like to decorate that would be very helpful. As usual it will be held at 2.0pm, in the Schoolroom, with singing, prayers and of course tea and cake!

Please let me know if you will need a lift: 01844 292512 or joan694@hotmail.com.

All are welcome especially the seniors amongst us but please take a lateral flow test to check that you are negative.

Prayers please

The leaders of Cornerstone and Haddenham Baptist Church are meeting this Saturday 15th January to discuss the journey thus far and how we see the relationship developing as time goes on. Please pray for those discussions.

Prayer breakfast and renewal of the covenant

This is an annual CTiH service held in the Methodist church on Saturday 22nd January, where we enjoy fellowship together over breakfast, beginning at 9.30am. We will then renew our commitment to work together wherever possible as Churches together in Haddenham, as signed in the covenant 30 years ago. Everybody is welcome.

Re leaf Project

This is a village initiative, and we are pleased to be able house some of the saplings behind Peter Tyler’s grave until they are large enough to be planted out.

If you would like anything included in the weekly news sheet please contact Marjorie Johnston on marjoriejohnston@f2s.com