FOOD BANK. Thank you for all the generous donations left in our porch and donations of money they are getting to the foodbank on a regular basis. The foodbank is a lifeline to people at the moment, please remember them in your prayers.

  • We have now changed our regular meetings, as restrictions are relaxed a little. We will hold a weekly morning service, one week an online morning service, then the alternative week in church, so every week there will be a physical service in church, either in the morning, or in the evening. We will resume fortnightly physical meetings in the evening, from April 25th at a new time of 6pm.The weekly newsheet has up to date information. .
  • Please remember all our BMS workers here and  abroad working to spread the word of God in very challenging circumstances. Let us in particular remember our link missionaries Tom and Mel Spears. you can help raise money for BMS by supporting the Runnerbeanathon
  • Please remember all our friends who are currently unwell, recently bereaved or just struggling in these strange times.                            

Haddenham Baptist Church Jonny has been doing midday prayers. These will now come to an end but there will still be a mid week communion service after the Easter break.

There is currently a ZOOM meeting for our online morning worship on a Sunday. This can be viewed later via the church Facebook page.

Church re-opening

We discussed the re-opening of the church and we have held our first physical morning service in church on April 18th at 10.15am, the service was led by Jonny. There will be a booking system and all the current restrictions will still apply.

Sunday 2nd May at 10.15am we will be having a physical service in church

Sunday 9th May There will be an online morning service on ZOOM, 10am for coffee followed by a 10.15am service

Sunday 9th May 6pm there will be a physical service in church led by Andy Hardy.

Sunday 16th May 10.15am we will be joining the Baptist assembly via a live link to share with our Baptist friends at home and abroad.

These arrangements will be reviewed when guidelines become clearer, and we have trialled this pattern of worship.                                                                                                                                                                 Date for your diaries                                                                                                                    Womens retreat in the Cotswolds 17th  / 18th September 2021, a joint venture with Cornerstone. More details to follow

Christian Aid Week 10 – 16th May

Christian Aid Week this year is 10th to 16th May and we are being asked to respond to the climate emergency facing our planet.

People living in poverty are on the frontline of the chaos caused by climate change. They are losing food, water, homes and family. Every day people walk further, dig deeper and build stronger to survive. Determined they battle the worst of a climate crisis they did not create. And now they face a double threat, as coronavirus threatens lives and livelihoods even more.

We can all help by our donations and prayerfulness. There will be a seven day devotional and contemplative booklet available for those who would like one. Donations can be accepted via Katharine Whitney  or Mary Miller.