FOOD BANK. Thank you for all the generous donations left in our porch and donations of money they are getting to the foodbank on a regular basis. The foodbanks are a lifeline to people at the moment, please remember them in your prayers,

  • We have now changed our regular meetings. We are still continuing with our online morning service, and the we are gathering in the church on alternative Sundays. Please read the newsheet to get weekly updates.
  • Housegroups  are now meeting sporadically in Jan’s garden, and will begin meeting in the schoolroom from Tuesday 6th October at 2.30pm. Please contact Julie for more details.
  • Thank you to everyone who supported Mission in 2019 over £3000 was raised by Haddenham Baptist Church. Mission is currently suffering financially at the moment. If you feel you could give to Mission please push a donation through the door. Thank you
  • Please remember all our BMS workers here and  abroad working to spread the word of God in very challenging circumstances. Let us remember our link missionaries in particular, Tom and Mel Spears.

Please remember Carol Francis, Christina Gulbenkian, Margaret Boyce, Vi Giles, Marcia Barton, Beryl Pearce, Bob Innes and Brian Dodds in your prayers this week.Please remember the family of George Willingham who dies last month.                                                                      

  • Julie is compiling a lockdown calendar to sell on behalf of Mission. Please send any photographs, pictures, or poems  that you found helpful or reminds you of lockdown, by October 10th . Please have a word with Julie, she would like to include them in the calendar. Please no pictures of people for Safeguarding reasons. Thank you.
  • Link to Hope shoeboxes. Please start collecting your bits to go in the shoebox, and the box itself. Every week we will make a suggestion of items to collect but you can of course make up your own box. Julie has a comprehensive list of items.These need to be completed by ethe end of October

Cornerstone Baptist Church would like to support us:

Every  Sunday they will gather online from 10:20am, and there is an open invitation to join them using ZOOM

Haddenham Baptist Church You will find a written service on the newsheet to follow on a Sunday, or any other day for that matter, and there will be a live streaming on a Sunday via the church Facebook page at 10.15am


The Fillis family have now moved into the Manse, and are beginning to settle into the village. Jonny’s day off will generally be a Friday, please don’t contact him unless there is an emergency on that day. Please contact one of the deacons if you have a problem. If you feel able to donate any money to the renovation of the manse, please pop an envelope through the door.